Backshore was one of those words I’d often heard, but never quite understood what it referenced.

You’ve probably walked miles upon the backshore without realizing what it is either. It’s that stretch of fluffy sand just beyond the reach of the salty waves, sand that is only ever disturbed during storms or exceptionally high tides. It’s the place reserved for volleyball nets, cookouts, and flag football games. Where the crabs scuttle at dusk, where you might crowd around a fire with skewers and marshmallows, your portable speaker providing the soundtrack to conversations and laughter.

Once I learned the definition of backshore, I immediately identified it as the place where I’d created all of my fondest memories. It’s upon those memories that I built the foundation of the Backshore brand. Memories of friends, family, and loved ones. No matter how old you are now, or were at the time, no matter how many times you’ve told stories of those times on the beach, you always look forward to the next time on the backshore.